Summer Hike

Summer Hike

by Michael James Smith


Medium :  Original Oil on Board

Supplied : Framed

Image size :  39cm x 39cm

Framed Size : 62cm x 62cm


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    • Michael was born in Southend-on-Sea Essex on 22nd February 1976. The second son of the British landscape artist, David Smith. In stark contrast to his father’s early life, for as far back as Michael can remember, he was immersed and surrounded by artistic endeavour as his father worked in his studio and often when seeking inspiration and scenes for his paintings, he would take Michael on trips to the countryside, into areas of outstanding natural beauty. A young boy walking the hills and dales of Britain with vistas seldom seen by most, has left him with a deep and abiding love of this country from where his artistic talent was to emerge and blossom. Throughout his school days, Michael excelled in drawing, painting and other art-related subjects. At the age of seventeen, he achieved a place at the Southend College of Art and Technology to pursue his initial desire to train as an architect. When in 1993, quite by chance, he decided to attend one of his father’s exhibitions at Harrods Picture Gallery to witness, at first hand, the response from the public, the respect, admiration, pleasure and delight expressed by strangers to his father’s paintings, changed Michael’s viewpoint and the realisation dawned that dear old Dad was indeed a Master.
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