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We are very excited to announce the introduction of our New! LOVE ART Purchase scheme.

You can make owning a beautiful piece of art a reality by simply securing it with a 20% deposit, then paying the remainder with 4 monthly interest free payments.

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Another interesting framing project made only achievable thanks to our state of the art (Gunnar) mount cutting facility and a bit of creative imagination. All ready to go in its frame


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It’s been an honour to have had the oportunity to frame one of the 888,246 Tower of London Ceramic Poppies for one of our customers. This comprised of a certificate of authenticity, photograph of the installation and the ceramic poppy itself. The main requirements for this project was the construction of an extremely deep box frame, for all three items to be housed together, and to be preserved for future generation using UV protective glass. Our customer couldn’t have been happier with the results, and can now display it in pride of place in her home. All profits made from this order will be donated to the local British Legion.


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You must admit that this is probably one of the loveliest and most fabulous groups of ladies & gents you’ve ever seen.

This damaged photo of a village meeting from years gone by was brought to us in need of urgent attention.

Luckily we were able to use our knowledge and expertise to bring a smile to our customer’s face and to most of the people in the photo, but not all!


Let us know if you have any photos that might need restoring & bring them in to us for a no obligation quote.


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Following close competition with pupils from local primary schools Leo Mullins from Towcester C.E. Primary School was awarded first place in the local final of the Young Artist Competition.

The theme for the competition was “Light up Your Community. His bright and colourful submission certainly met the criteria and showed great skill for his age.

Leo has been invited to submit his work to the 1070 Rotary District Final where he will be in competition with pupils from the schools of 5 different counties.

Having received a certificate and a small prize for his success in the local round there was a surprise bonus. We offered our framing service to further enhance Leo’s work, at our own expense. You must agree he is definitely very talented, and an artist in the making.

The photograph shows the finished article which looks ready for the gallery wall! From the left, Mike Novakovic, Watling Street Gallery, David Reed, Towcester Rotary Club and seated Leo Mullins.



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We are delighted to have had the opportunity to frame this unique mixed media embroidery for one of our valued customers. Comprising of free machine & hand embroidery, this multi textured piece depicts a waterfall they had seen on their travels in New Zealand. Native Paua shells & pebbles were incorporated to give a suggestion of boulders & rocks, with the flowing water convincingly recreated with twisted and pulled wool.

As you could imagine, this work requires a generous space between it and the glass, which was achieved with a deep double mount. Finished off with a colour coordinated Italian moulding & Clarity Glass. Perfect!


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Catesby Priory (also known as Catesby Abbey) was a priory of Cistercian nuns at Lower CatesbyNorthamptonshire. It was founded in about 1175 and dissolved in 1536. According to the hand written label found on one, it was pulled down in 1862.

These unique window panes are artefacts from said priory, and have been brought to us by a client to have framed and preserved.

Using our extensive knowledge and cutting edge equipment, we feel we have managed to present these is the best possible way, much to the delight of our client.

Each item has been placed within its own diamond shaped aperture, and geometrically positioned in the way they were intended.

A box frame was then constructed and glazed with our Clarity Glass, which is practically invisible to the human eye. It also filters out the majority of harmful UV light, thus protection its contents.

Read more about Catesby Priory here >>


NEW to our Collection – Sam Toft Ltd Edition Prints

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We feel extremely honoured & privileged to have had the chance to frame this rather large & wonderful artwork for a renowned local artist of international acclaim.
Roy Holding is a highly regarded artist with over 45 years experience, and is extremely accomplished in water colour, pastels, acrylics, oils, mixed media and collage. His favoured subjects are dramatic rural landscapes that can be found in remote parts of Wales, Scotland and the Lake District. Recently he has become captivated by hill top towns and villages in Europe particularly Italy and France and these subjects showcase his bold and adventurous use of colour and texture.

The aim of this ‘OUR JOB OF THE WEEK’ feature is to give you, and hopefully potential customers, an insight into some of the exciting projects we have undertaken at Watling Street Galleries. Hopefully this might inspire you to come and see us with your projects no matter if they are large or small.

Look out for our next installment!

Pictured above are Roy Holding (centre), Mike & Adam of Watling Street Galleries (left & right).

Frame specifications used were: 105mm Gold/Red Andover outer frame, with a 20mm inner White slip frame. This combination compliments the colours in the picture, and has the correct proportions for its size.